I saw a strip club across the street from a minigo

I saw a strip club across the street from a minigolf place and I’m liberal but that’s too much for me. What if you’… https://t.co/6sRknomRPA

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    *airhorn noises* https://t.co/VSwnjpznVM

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    one day I missed a bunch of calls at work, called back & said “sorry I missed your call it’s been like a circus her… https://t.co/MPAZpqIq7k

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    I saw a guy reading a book called How Music Works and he was on the last page and dropped the book down on the subw… https://t.co/0383S0VAq9

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    I hate when movies put every funny joke in the trailer to trick you into seeing them. Anyway, the movie Philadelphia was a waste of time.

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    RT: Mon, July 23 w/ host +

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    RT: Watch tonight on Colbert 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    I think it’s just the dumbest thing in the world and it either hits with you or makes no sense at all haha

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  • 19 Jul

    Thanks Chris!

  • 19 Jul

    If you ban straws then what am I going to throw into ducks mouths to make wishes???