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RT @paintingfood: All credits to @chefarpad - INSTAGRAM 🎨 https://t.co/qgoQRtRHWt 🎨 #foodpics #foodie #chef #foodpic #foodporn #gourmet #fo…

  • 15h

    I'M TARO-BLY IN L❤VE WITH YOUuuu 🙇‍♀️ Coconut Taro Porridge W/ coconut milk foam, coconut coulis, yuzu pearls, poac… https://t.co/U1e240uGxW

  • 19 Sep

    TOUGH COOKIES DON'T CRUMBLE 😎 On our recent trip to USA we visited the famous 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️… https://t.co/P914Cpz3Io

  • 17 Sep

    Think of it like this..... 💁‍♀️ Your diet is like a bank account, good foodz mean good investments 🤪 Crispy Pork Be… https://t.co/UuFRPh77k0

  • 15 Sep

    Excuse me while I sip on my F.A.L.U.D.A 💁‍♀️ Sweet Sri Lankan Milkshake with tapioca seeds, sherbet syrup, jelly ch… https://t.co/EL0dyhSR2O

  • 15 Sep

    RT: Mouthwatering in any angle. 🤤 . 👉 Nasu Dengaku - grilled eggplant with sweet and spicy miso. 🍆🍆🍆 https://t.co/zDR7hzm8Dr

  • 13 Sep

    RT: and from this day forth she learned to let go.

  • 13 Sep

    DØN'T 'CHÅI' THIŞ AT HØMĖ, YØU'LL MÅKĖ A 'MĖŞS' 😂 This gorgeous dessert consists of a delicate chai crème, fresh… https://t.co/IpyxcERBrK

  • 12 Sep

    RT: Today's must-try: Kaki Fry 😋 . 🤗 Deep fried crumbed oysters with Pabu's special sauce https://t.co/7HpnIPvOmo

  • 12 Sep

    RT: I love pop music

  • 11 Sep

    •CREAMY BURRATA• With savoury granola, fried basil, chilli balsamic, heirloom tomatoes & fresh mint... https://t.co/DwTd2tKK7R