Spanish Tip - “M” is not for Men on restroom doors

Spanish Tip - “M” is not for Men on restroom doors, it’s Mujeres. Hasn’t happened yet but many times I’ve almost wa…

  • 16h

    In lieu of I expect to see Putina start making the rounds now kind of like Bugs Bunny in drag.

  • 18 Jul

    I know right? I bought it from some rich guys estate sale in Newport Beach and have been waiting f…

  • 18 Jul

    What he’s saying is that it’s detachable

  • 18 Jul

    Finished this today

  • 17 Jul

    New patch today? Wrecking Ball?

  • 16 Jul

    What about a president that mocks disabled people and gold star famil…

  • 15 Jul

    Es loco! Que emocionado!

  • 14 Jul

    how could Mueller indict Russian Intelligence Officers? I doubt they’ll face a court here, what happe…

  • 13 Jul

    About to leave the bar then the song “invisible touch” comes on

  • 13 Jul

    You win