Spanish Tip - “M” is not for Men on restroom doors

Spanish Tip - “M” is not for Men on restroom doors, it’s Mujeres. Hasn’t happened yet but many times I’ve almost wa…

  • 8h


  • 19 Aug

    Bring Back Coal Jobs!

  • 18 Aug

    love your brand but your black paint pens leave a bit to be desired. A few minutes after applying it…

  • 17 Aug

    Picked up my little niece Ivy, and we’re driving by a school: Ivy: My boyfriend goes to that school Me:…

  • 17 Aug

    Waiting for Tom Waits to finally win his Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award.

  • 16 Aug

    I made sure to give my Reinhardt with the new football skin, the kneel emote.

  • 16 Aug

    For the record it’s my favorite skin. I’m not an artist in the public eye as much as you but I unders…

  • 15 Aug

    I don’t even like you, but I wish all the success in the world embarrassing Trump. Godspeed.

  • 14 Aug

    Please keep me updated on breaking hat news 🎩 🧢

  • 10 Aug

    Normally Blizzard knocks it out of the park with their events but does anybody feel the eve…