@MichelleDBeadle I think you need to break into @a

@MichelleDBeadle I think you need to break into @alliemackay house and hide them throughout it. Make sure you set u… https://t.co/OMTl0L0Iz7

  • 17 Aug

    My 2 Favorite Mascots in the same place at the same time (T-Bone and WildWing), how am I not there.

  • 4 Aug

    is this the perfect metaphor for life? https://t.co/0u8xJHQWGP

  • 29 Jun

    I'm so disappointed in myself for not visiting this yet. I live only 45 minutes from this.

  • 22 Jun

    I need to thank for my new computer wallpaper of https://t.co/XTggIkQqRd

  • 20 Jun

    Separating children from their parents when they are trying to escape a horrible situa… https://t.co/wVjTXebL8Q

  • 6 Jun

    So it lines up perfectly at 8 for you Bean, just complaining to complain,

  • 6 Jun

    That's 8 for me in the CST.

  • 5 Jun

    This map is not accurate Bean, there is a good 75 miles of Western Texas that is in the Mounta… https://t.co/4MptwD4Kx9

  • 31 May

    Look, I'm a white male, nowhere near the left, I'm just not ignorant/r… https://t.co/iHVnfeXD9H

  • 31 May

    Big difference between being a racist (Rosanne) and being mean (Samantha). Be… https://t.co/KVzJ7Ynm60