@MichelleDBeadle I think you need to break into @a

@MichelleDBeadle I think you need to break into @alliemackay house and hide them throughout it. Make sure you set u… https://t.co/OMTl0L0Iz7

  • 25 May

    Clearly will have to be the new cast crush.

  • 19 May

    I mean they could kill Coulson, but lets be real, they are going to swerve us and take out Mac because… https://t.co/zPywbvCKAW

  • 19 May

    RT: Happy Friday everyone! Let’s keep the momentum going strong into the weekend. Keep tweeting using

  • 16 May

    RT: Ok. Correction. These are the only hashtags we are using. I promise. Warner Bros is trying to help us here. So use

  • 16 May

    RT: At the airport on my way to LA to help with After they contacted I’m trying to arrange something with

  • 16 May

    RT: It’s 12:22 in LA, 3:22 in New York, 8:22pm in London... no matter what time zone ...are you MAKING NOISE?

  • 15 May

    All I want in this world right now is for a network like or or to pick up Lucifer

  • 11 May

    So wait? Did steal your gimmick of "American Nightmare" or did you willingly give it up?

  • 8 May

    Hey I really need to know if there is a special place in hell for people who steal other peoples identities an… https://t.co/B6l0LIBbay

  • 5 May

    your thoughts on the 2 new released tracks from ? I'm really digging them.