RT @PatrickAJansen: Na de interacties tussen koolp

RT @PatrickAJansen: Na de interacties tussen koolplanten en insecten tot in extreem detail te hebben uitgezocht met slimme experimenten, ko…

  • 15h

    RT: Our new paper, out yesterday in and led by researchers, examines how the peatland carbon…

  • 15h

    The deadleaf which we found in Taiwan, Taroko gorge national park. Where I wondered why the leaves were… https://t.co/SLsKsmWQuj

  • 10 Sep

    RT: 17 September is International Microorganisms Day. On this day in 1683, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek wrote his famous letter to t…

  • 10 Sep

    RT: Our paper on AOB and AOA in wastewater-influenced lake sediments is now out as open access https://t.co/BftlOA8Nuk

  • 5 Sep

    RT: Proud and happy to see the outcome of this project in Loss of soil carbon with land use intensification is linke…

  • 3 Sep

    RT: New paper online from my PhD thesis! Local functioning, landscape structuring: drivers of soil microbial community struc…

  • 28 Aug

    RT: Widespread formation of methane by Cyanobacteria in aquatic and terrestrial environments https://t.co/0epdrnqqLu

  • 25 Aug

    RT: Exciting day with the first despatch of the season! All our hard work is going to restore our peatlands!

  • 25 Aug

    RT: Wetlands are essential in urban areas and contribute to making cities liveable. Its read our factsheet to…

  • 23 Aug

    Interesting paper out on Bacterial lineages associated with different boreal moss species (amongst other https://t.co/2wdpebKUEE