RT @joanwalsh: Now we learn the Austin bombing vic

RT @joanwalsh: Now we learn the Austin bombing victims are relatives of prominent African American community leaders. Why did it take so lo…

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    RT: 🔥In what calls the "largest scandal in European history," Danske Bank CEO Thomas Borgen RE…

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    RT: I serve with I've looked into his steely eyes, experienced the awesomeness of his convictions, and know this to…

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    Unless we are going to be a "he said she said " nation? Every part of me hopes not.

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    That would be his problem. Our rule of law is not based on what someone believes. It's based on t… https://t.co/dCJGBvRgmW

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    I think we need something positive to unite us. Working together to make things better. “Hemp for… https://t.co/8O5jrHPUTi

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    Hear me out. Have you ever heard 'when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on'? Ca… https://t.co/X8qqWdjfUM

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    Stop moving along as though dishonesty doesn't matter. Instead of following along to divisive bs, w… https://t.co/CKhywTS8MV

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    We need to address the issue of 'this is not normal' first. Our rule of law demands, the truth, the… https://t.co/P19Ww5Agbv

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    RT: Now second son Eric Trump is accused of stealing from a cancer charity and dodging taxes https://t.co/QYAoP7YWlm

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    Al Gore Suggests It's Time To Terminate 'Experiment With Trumpism' https://t.co/wqjAOrAK9h