RT @CBSSports: Get the tissues ready (via @DMouton

RT @CBSSports: Get the tissues ready (via @DMoutonWWL) https://t.co/6EAar49oiC

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    RT: SCOTS 4x4 sets a personal best in the largest high school meet in Texas capturing the Silver Medal in the Jesuit-Sheaner R…

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    RT: Get the tissues ready (via https://t.co/6EAar49oiC

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    RT: When your daddy’s a football coach, you have your birthday photos at the field house! https://t.co/uFsRRDCDoL

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    RT: is for the children -ft. Deacon https://t.co/GWkud8ErKG

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    RT: “Our culture says it’s all about me. Our culture says screw process, I want instant gratification. But here’s a fact, y…

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    Selfless - helping others get what they want https://t.co/rFfMWSmNFd

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    RT: QB characteristic at is TOUGHNESS! (Mental & physical). We must perform to The Standard in all situations/ cond…

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    RT: Update: Take Dead Aim for Coach Gabel https://t.co/zxgybk859M via

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    RT: I asked a school principal, a football coach and business leader when their team became a powerful team. They all said whe…

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    Congratulations! Extremely proud of you!