RT @enthusiamy: Big takeaways from my first D&

RT @enthusiamy: Big takeaways from my first D&D DMing: I don't want to talk about how scared I was (very, but that's a me thing), but I can…

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    I'm saying Leavers who dismiss things like the Airbus warning as 'Project Fear' are as ludicrously overco… https://t.co/gZt6H6Vghk

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    RT: omg Clippy was an ancient cephalopod https://t.co/bPkZ5gA2JD

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    'So we'll wait till it comes around again, and this time with four part harmony and feeling.'

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    there was a certain tragic inevitability to this https://t.co/YcOoreQZTv

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    RT: Latest poem composed by our RFID machines https://t.co/Uk8C2dwMGo

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    Not at all!

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    I really expected the new series to bring the Wirrn back long before now, but if the result was going to be another… https://t.co/67Lh3arzRk

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    has reached The Ark In Space, one of my favourite stories of all. I loved the Wirrn so much I us… https://t.co/zWNlSr3g8G

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    When you aren't fooled by Project Fear no matter what Airbus and the Remoaners say https://t.co/MbXmLsR2Da