RT @enthusiamy: Big takeaways from my first D&

RT @enthusiamy: Big takeaways from my first D&D DMing: I don't want to talk about how scared I was (very, but that's a me thing), but I can…

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    RT: Folklore lets me feel Ice Age old. Folklore is the gate to my ancestors fears an d feasting. Folklore is time travel. Le…

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    RT: New Doctor Who trailer!!! https://t.co/QVFYLv9ozd

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    'The farmer was there waiting and they give him a good old holler... and then in Challenors' cart lodge there'd be… https://t.co/jsUUd2OXGp

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    'But what he used to holler out was, "We've ploughed, we've sowed, we've ripped [reaped], we've mowed and we've car… https://t.co/MUj5yfCZWg

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    If you're sick of 'Mabon' being used as the name for an autumn festival, but 'Harvest Home' doesn't suit you either… https://t.co/Mo6SiFX6Jm

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    Traditions and institutions which are older than 'Mabon': Black Friday McDonald's The Morecambe & Wise Christmas Sp… https://t.co/VHlWPaJAGW

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    Especially memorable for a full-page shot of the Fly which used to freak small me out.

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    I can't handle the cheery, oblivious radio in that episode, burbling away while Buffy is sick & in shock. It jars so painfully.

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    RT: The tradition of calling the Autumn Equinox 'Mabon' is no older than the 1970s and was started by US Wiccan Aidan Kelly

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    RT: Ooh, finished your harvest? Your slacker neighbour hasn’t - let’s go twist up a little old lady figure out of your last…