RT @ABC13andYou: #BlackHistoryMonth @TSU Graduate

RT @ABC13andYou: #BlackHistoryMonth @TSU Graduate Gladys House obtained legal status of Freedmen’s Town Association, Inc. on March 16, 198…

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    RT: Former St. Bernard deputy pleads guilty in death of 19-year-old inmate https://t.co/sT7kSNOZZZ https://t.co/6kNNufFBxI

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    RT: New Orleans McDonald's workers protest against sexual harassment https://t.co/kkYpsLCwHD https://t.co/4fvbysxJH0

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    RT: Sen. Kamala Harris, a top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee currently in the throes of the Brett Kavanaugh con…

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    RT: Twitter may be faster than FEMA models for tracking disaster damage. https://t.co/viTZfnz8MF

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    RT: Families hold vigil for 4 women allegedly killed by U.S. Border Patrol agent https://t.co/wXmZGnyUTB https://t.co/k4OZDr7gZh

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    Watching with Anderson Cooper and their shameful WOMEN pundits. Shame on them for not being open minded.

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    RT: When you learn to become your own best friend, life gets a lot easier. 😊👍🏼

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    RT: Advocates for people with disabilities call the practice a serious safety concern. https://t.co/fQWaMHKJCe

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    RT: Tomorrow marks three years since De'Shaun Swanson was killed in a drive-by shooting at his Indianapolis home. He was only t…